Structural Repair, Engineering Services, and Foundation Repair in Cherry Hill, NJ

Specializing in the repair of foundations and building structures, we offer comprehensive solutions for wood, concrete, and steel structures affected by cracks, termite damage, and water intrusion. Our mission is to ensure the integrity and safety of your property through expert repair and engineering services.

Structural Repair Services

At Code Structural LLC, we understand the critical importance of a solid and safe structure. Our structural repair services are designed to address a wide range of issues, from minor cracks to significant structural damage. Our initial inspection includes a detailed examination of the affected area, an evaluation of the building’s overall structural integrity, and an assessment of potential risks and necessary repairs.

Engineering Services

What sets Code Structural LLC apart is our ability to provide full-service engineering alongside our repair services. This unique combination ensures a seamless and efficient process for our clients. Our engineering services include thorough inspections, detailed summaries, and the creation of comprehensive drawings and plans for any project. Our expertise allows us to identify the root causes of structural issues and design effective solutions to prevent future problems.

Foundation Repair Services

The foundation of your home or building is its most critical component, providing support for the entire structure. Recognizing signs of foundation damage early on is essential to preventing severe structural issues. Our team of experts specializes in identifying and repairing foundation problems, utilizing methods like epoxy injection to repair vertical cracks in poured foundation walls effectively. Whether dealing with soil settlement, water damage, or other factors, we have the knowledge and tools to address the issue head-on.

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Don’t let structural or foundation issues threaten the safety and value of your property. As a licensed and insured structural repair firm, Code Structural LLC is the trusted choice for comprehensive repair and engineering services in Cherry Hill, NJ, and the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule your structural inspection.